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Play Belote Online for Real Money

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Belote (aka Belot, Blot, Baloot, Bridge-Belote, Bazaar Belote) is one of the most played games in many countries, such as France, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Greece and other Balkan states. It is a Trick Taking card Game and is played with a deck of 32 cards, usually 4, but sometimes 3, 2 players. You can play belote online as fast games, as well as take part in big multiplayer tournaments.

French Card Game: Tarot

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Some facts about Blot

  • If a player holds the trump King and Queen, he can call ‘Belote’
  • Belot is a popular card game in Bulgaria.
  • Card order and points are different if this card is trump or not.
  • It was invented around 1920, probably from Klaverjas.
  • Usually two levels of doubling are allowed.
  • The player winning the last trick earns his team 10 additional points called Dix de Der.


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Types of belot multiplayer games

Belot (Blot) has many varieties, each of which has its own differences. But the common feature of all games is: a deck of 32 cards, the presence of the same combinations, as well as the goal of the game (score 101 points).

Classical Belote

In a classical blot can play from 2 to 4 people.Before the start of the draw, players can agree to play with the trump card, or refuse the game. Then either the trump card will be changed, or the cards will be reissued. In this version of the belote is most often played on money on the Internet (in one-on-one format), or in tournaments for money on the Olympic system for elimination.

Bazar Blot

Bazar Blot is a more dynamic version of the blot, very similar to the game 1000 (one thousand). The game is a couple for a couple, and before the draw, participants are traded for the right to declare a trump card and score a certain number of points. You can also play it for money, but there is much less space for this, because there are at least four participants, and not two, to start the rally. And not everyone is ready to contribute their money, if he does not know about what level the partner will get to him.

Open Blot

Open Blot is another very interesting version of the game. It is played by two players who are dealt eight cards each, and the next 8 cards are put on the table. After the top card is used, the card below it is opened. Thus, you need to build your game by adjusting to opponent’s cards, while 50% of your cards and their cards will be opened gradually.

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