Patience is a game that is played for several centuries, but the exact date and place of appearance is unknown. The controversy over this has not abated so far, and there are several versions about its origin. Thi game loved, continue to love and will love for the fact that they allow you to escape, relax and rest from worries and stresses. Is it possible to play the competitive freecell for real prizes online? And the answer is yes!

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Competitive Patience

Today there are hundreds of versions and rules of this game, but its essence remains – you need to decompose playing cards in a special way. However, it is not only an exciting game, it is able to develop the logic of thinking in humans. And the one who played Competitive Freecell at least once, understands this very well. Among other things, a person who is fond of this game develops visual memory and trains the intellect.

To solve the game, use the transfer of suited cards to each other between sorting eight columns. Putting on another can only be a card of the same suit and strictly one rank younger than the one on which you are putting. That is, here, for example, only five of the diamonds can be put on the five of diamonds. Since the severity of the rules of relaying does not allow to reach a tolerable probability of resolving the Patience. The game introduced 4 free cells that can be used for temporary storage of currently interfering cards. Therefore, the game is called Freecell. Do not wait, start to compete now!