The tote is one of the ways of betting between players and it has come to us since the gladiatorial battles in the Roman Empire. This type of betting is also called Pari-Mutuel, Pools Betting or TOTE. In this article, we’ll talk about the tote betting meaning and explain what a tote jackpot is.

What does the tote betting mean in sports?

The player bets on the outcomes (exact score, etc.) for a certain number of matches offered by the organizer TOTE (broker or bookmaker). The potential gain depends on the total amount of money and on the number of guessed events. And this means that the larger the pool of players, the greater the prize pool in TOTE.  It reminds bookmakers or systems, but the absence of odds makes a significant difference between these methods of betting on sports.

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TOTE Jackpot Explained

Also in the tote can be a jackpot – a prize for the luckiest player. If the player has guessed all the matches, he gets a jackpot. In cases where several players win, the jackpot is distributed proportionally between them. If no one has guessed all the events, then the jackpot is transferred to the next rally. It is formed from the players’ bets and directly depends on the amount of money put into the pool by all players.

Differences between TOTE and the Bookmaker

The TOTE  differ from the bookmakers in that they offer fixed odds for all events. In the tote, you never know exactly how much you will win money in the end, because it is proposed to predict the outcomes for several matches, and the success will depend on the number of guesses. Those who did not guess the outcome of the minimum number of matches lose their money and the rest of the players get a certain profit.

  • Absence of odds
  • The presence of a jackpot
  • Remind more sports lottery than sports betting

Recommendations for the game

  • Read the rules. The terms of the tote for different bookmakers are different, so prevent the emergence of controversial points.
  • Take your time with the choice. A few days before the start of the match can happen, for example, a football player’s injury. Also, slowly weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision.
  • Do not put thoughtlessly on the favorites. Although there are rare fights with a clear favorite. That’s why it’s hard to win.
  • Recheck the coupon. Perhaps you accidentally put a mark next to another team. It’s a shame to lose because of a ridiculous mistake.

Terms of the game can be different depending on the bookmaker office. In one case, you just need to guess the outcomes, in the other – to guess the number of goals, in the third – to name the exact score of the game. The amount of bets and prizes vary in exactly the same way. So our conclusion: TOTE is a great way to try your luck and skill and get the opportunity to hit the jackpot, putting a penny.

We hope that the article is useful and now you know the tote betting meaning. We wish you a successful game and big jackpots!