bundesliga fantasy league

Bundesliga Fantasy League

German Bundesliga is a newcomer to Daily Fantasy, but is very actively developing. If you remember the interest and love in Germany and other European countries, you will understand that the Bundesliga fantasy football has excellent perspective in the near future. Which team will be able to challenge Bayern Munich? Who will be the top scorer and who is the best goalkeeper?  Try to answer by playing Bundesliga fantasy league for money!

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Some facts about Bundesliga

  • The league was founded in 1963 and today is comprised of 18 teams.
  • More fans watched Bundesliga matches at a stadium than in any other top-five league in Europe.
  • In the 55 seasons, 138 clubs have been relegated.
  • Bundesliga has the best youth systems in the world.
  • It is the only Top 5 League from europe where each club comes from a different city.
  • No other Bundesliga pairing has seen more goals (224) than clashes between Bayern and Hamburg.


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