chinese mahjong online multiplayer

Chinese Mahjong Online Multiplayer

Chinese Mahjong is the oldest version of this wonderful game. What is not surprising, because it was in China for the first time and appeared this game with domino titles, similar to the western card game Rummy. The closest to the classic is the Hong Kong version, which is very popular in many countries around the world. Try playing Chinese Mahjong online multiplayer in big freerolls with real prizes and for money!

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Online China Mahjong Multiplayer

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Some facts about Mahjong

  • Chinese classical Mahjong is the oldest surviving variety of Mahjong and was the version.
  • ‘Mahjong’ is also known as ‘majiang’, ‘ma jong’, ‘mah jong’ and ma cheuk’.
  • The longest mahjong marathon lasted 33 hours.
  •  144 usual tiles are what most are played with.
  • The aim is to collect sets of tiles according to the number and type shown on each.
  • In 1920, Joseph P. Babcock, devised a set of rules for Western play and invented a complete terminology.

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