nba fantasy for money

NBA Fantasy for Money

Fantasy NBA is one of the most popular and interesting sections of DFS. And how can it be otherwise? It is the richest, the strongest, the most famous league of the world! Sometimes it seems that basketball is played not by people but by real titans, and the best players can be seen in one place – the national basketball association. So, use your skills and knowledge, let’s play NBA fantasy for money!

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Some facts about NBA

  • The NBA introduced the three point line in 1980.
  • Kobe Bryant holds the record for the most missed shots in the NBA.
  • These teams have won more than four times: the Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, and San Antonio Spurs.
  • You can build a new Fantasy Basketball Lineup every day for all your NBA action.
  • Nothing is more important than minutes in fantasy NBA.
  • One of favorite strategies in fantasy basketball is to choose superstar players that have tough matchups.


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How to win money in Fantasy NBA

First advice. A game without emotions

If you are a fan of “Houston” or in a dispute “who is cooler, Kobe or LeBron” you are entirely for Bryant, then before you choose the team of the day, take control of your emotions. It’s like BDSM, of course, but otherwise you will not succeed in the game. Favorites, sentimental memories of the glorious past, family fan traditions – all this will not help you win the pot. Success comes if you build a team based on a cynical and critical calculation. Believe me, even if the leader of the sworn enemy destroys your favorites in the final match, but at the same time helps you to break the jackpot, the money from victory will cure your wounds in minutes.

Second advice. Use math in the NBA Fantasy

Before proceeding to the selection of the team, it is important to carefully read the rules for the calculation o