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Rock Paper Scissors Competition

Stone Scissors Paper (aka Roshambo and Chingachoong at Vbet) is one of the most popular ways to play without using any kind of gadgets, all you need is your hands. For the first time such a game is mentioned in ancient Chinese chronicles more than two thousand years ago. In the twentieth century, it was truly a world-wide popularity. The strategy is based on understanding the opponent’s psychology and the fact that people will lean toward certain patterns instead of pure chance. So, let’s try Rock Paper Scissors competition!

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Online Rock Paper Scissors Tournament!

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Some facts about RPS

  • It possible to exploit your opponent’s predictable patterns.
  • Paper is the least common throw statistically across populations.
  • The game Rock, Paper Scissors dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty.
  • Rock is the testosterone choice, the most aggressive, and the one favored by angry players.
  • One of the strategy is to play the option that wasn’t played in the previous round.
  • Our pathetic attempts to appear uncalculating are, in fact, highly predictable.


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Stone Paper Scissors Competition

The game “Stone Scissors Paper” (Roshambo) is familiar to everyone from childhood. This is one of the easiest games I have to play. To master her rules you do not need to have the talent of genius, this game is not to think, but just to have fun. Nevertheless, there is an element of gambling in it, and with a long strip of losses, anyone will want to take revenge.

Roshambo Rules

I think it’s not worth explaining the rules in detail, but I’ll still mention them briefly, maybe someone forgot. Players simultaneously shake their fists standing face to face and say the phrase: “Stone, Scissors, Paper, one, two, three” Three options are chosen for the “three” account:

  • Stone – stone blunts / breaks scissors
  • Scissors – scissors cut paper
  • Paper – paper wraps a stone
  • If the players showed the same sign, then a draw is counted.

Stone, Scissors, Paper for Money

No matter how strange it may seem, there are sites on the web where you can play for real money. Moreover, there are tournaments for Stone, Scissors, Paper with decent prize money (more than $ 100), as well as freerolls and money races (with prize money up to 400 €).

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