Play Six Plus Holdem aka Six Plus Poker

Six Plus Holdem

6 Plus Holdem (aka six plus holdem, six plus poker) – exciting variation of poker. In this game, the deck is without deuces, threes, fours and fives, so there are 36 cards left in it. In this game, a flush is better than a full house, and a straight is worse than a set. New Hold’em is especially popular in games with large stacks in the Macau casino, as the game is more dynamic, forcing players to play more hands than usual.

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Some facts about Six Plus Holdem

  • 1,326 possible starting hands in Texas Hold’em and only 630 are left in Six Plus Hold’em.
  • Probability of flopping a set is increased to about 18%.
  • Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey do like the action this format creates.
  • In Six Plus Hold’em, you are in a much better position with strong draws.
  • Three of a kind now beats a Straigh.
  • 6 Plus Hold’em can be played on Cash, MTT and Sitn’Go’s.


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