Play Turkish Poker aka Türk Pokeri

Turkish Poker

The game Turkish poker (aka Türk Pokeri) is a type of poker that is popular among the public of Middle East because it is also known as closed card poker and is especially open to bluffing. This is one of the five card draws played by a deck of 24, 28, 32 and 36 cards and 5 pockets dealt. Try this fun and very exciting game!

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Some facts about Türk Pokeri

  • Each player receives five cards and up to four can be exchanged.
  • The number of cards removed from the pack is increased if there are less players in the game.
  • Three of a kind beats a straight.
  • A flush beats a full house.
  • The minimum number of players is 2 and the maximum is 5.
  • The Ace is normally the highest card, but can be used as a low card to make a straight).


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