EPL is finally open and ready for business and so are we with a new edition of Bore Off! Some interesting EPL Fantasy Tips:

  • Value for money is not a great way of measuring the premium players, predominantly because these players are our source of Captain, and therefore VFM is somewhat skewed.
  • Identify out-of-position players who are likely to earn additional points.
  • Don’t hold grudges – too many players missed out on a slot in line up because they’ve let down previously.
  • Last season Aguero scored one goal every 93 attacks and Sanchez has scored one goal every 107 attacks.
  • In 2015/16 Chelsea and Everton had a really poor preseason while Arsenal and Leicester won nearly every preseason game, and all four teams carried their respective form into the season.
  • Players who were injured last year, lowering their price this year, could be an example of value or players who had their first season in the Premier League last time out and are expected to push on now they have experienced what English football is all about.
  • Fantasy managers can adopt the traditional two big hitters, one budget third forward or take a dabble in the mid-price range with some alluring prospects.
  • A defence provides the consistency in point returns required to propel a squad to the upper echelons of the game and hopefully with the players presented above, managers can achieve such a feat.
  • Striking a balance in midfield is often the hardest task to do when building a squad but with options above for all price points from 4.5m all the way to the summit, balance is what has to be achieved. From Romeu to Aguero they all have their merits.
  • Value Over Replacement Player is a commonly used measurement within Baseball; where you rank a player against the most nailed on cheapest player, highest points total available for the position of the original player. The idea of VORP is then to find the contribution of a player against that replacement squad player.

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