Among all the varieties of poker special attention deserves the Open Chinese Poker and its most popular version. OFC Pineapple rules and scoring are fairly uncomplicated, but with a deep and interesting strategy.

The exact date of the appearance of this game is not known, but references to its classic version with closed cards are found already in the 1970s and 1990s. Ironically, Chinese poker is beginning not in China, but in Scandinavian countries. The game was not popular for a long time, until its new version with open cards appeared in the middle of 2000 (Open Chinese Poker), and then the most famous for today is Pineapple.

OFC Pineapple Rules

All combinations and their ranks are the same as in classical Texas Hold’em poker (Flash, Street, FullHouse, etc.), and if you know how to play Texas Hold’em, then there is no need to learn the combinations anew. But the rest of the OFC Pineapple rules are completely unique.

The process of the game consists of separate hands. Players must put their cards in their boxes in a certain order. In the lower box (5 cards) the strongest combination should hit, in the middle box (5 cards) the combination is weaker than the lower box, but stronger than in the upper (3 cards). If the correct order in the combinations is broken, such a situation is called a dead hand. This hand loses to everyone and does not receive bonus points when calculating points.

After all the boxes are filled, scoring begins between the players. Players pairwise compare combinations (upper box with upper, middle and middle). The box that wins gets +1 points, and the loser -1 points. Also, there are additional bonuses for the collected combinations.

OFC Pineapple Scoring

Scoring in the game Pineapple is not very difficult.
On the bottom box: straight: 2 points, flash: 4, full: 6, four of a kind: 8, straight flush: 10, Royal Flush: 15.
On the average box: the same, multiplied by two. Three of a kind: 2 points.
On the top of the box (3 cards): a pair of sixes 66: 1 point, 77: 2 och, 88: 3 o’clock, … AA: 9 o’clock; a triple (set) of twos 222: 10 o’clock, 333: 11 o’clock, … AAA: 22 points.

Fantasy Bonus  in Pineapple OFC

To get this bonus round, you need to collect a pair of Queens or any stronger combination (pairs of Kings and Aces or any combination of three identical cards) on the upper box. The player who got Fantasy gets all 13 cards at once. He plays them in closed form, and his opponents continue to play by usual rules. After completing a combination of opponents, the player opens his cards.

In order to re-receive the bonus game, you need during the Fantasy to put on the top box a combination of at least the set (three identical cards) or in the senior boxing Four of a kind, Street Flush or Royal Flush.

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